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And then the movie takes a very harsh turn and starts making fun of something else in Los Angeles: Dating. My alternate and true version of speed dating topics of conversation on a date La La Land opening song is called: Another Day of Jerks Who Wont Return My Texts, Even Though Theyre The One Who Gave Me Their Phone Number In The First Place (Reprise). I watched the trailers for La La Land and instantly fell in love with the movie (sorry), and also immediately hated it. It was painting this picturesque landscape of love (and top dating apps melbourne and I was buying its idea of love so hard, and also like WHAT THE F ARE YOU TRYING TO SELL ME ON, LA LA LAND. Theres a scene in one of the trailers that has Ryan Goslings Sebastian walking down a pier and whistling, and at first I was like oh wow, I should hang out at piers more often to meet guys like THAT, and then I was like oh no, that is a recipe for DISASTER. That is only the beginning of my disdain with La La Lands portrait of what its like to date in Los Angeles, which it gets HORRIBLY WRONG with each passing scene. You cant just sneak onto the Warner Bros. lot to see a girl, SEBASTIAN.

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