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Citizen don't, however, have this problem. That's because they are allowed to submit all their paperwork within the United States and attend their interview herewhich means they can't be penalized by being kept from returning to the United States, because best free dating websites 2019 movies never left. (They may face a separate problem, however, if they used a visa meant for one purpose, such as tourism, with the secret idea of marrying a U. citizen and getting a green card. That's visa fraud, and can lead to green card denial. ) Meeting Other Criteria for Getting Green Card Through Marriage to a U. Citizen. Of course, to get a green card based on marriage, you would also have to prove that you meet all the various other eligibility criteria, such as czech republic dating culture it is a valid (legally recognized) marriage and that it's "bona fide" marriage (not just an arrangement to get a green card). You'd also have to overcome any other possible grounds of inadmissibility, by showing, for example, that you haven't committed certain types of crimes (or more than two of any crimes), don't have a communicable disease that would present a danger within the U.

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